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Project Based Learning

Students learn by building real-world project. Our business is to program kid's mind to approach coding as a tool to solve problems.

Passion for Purpose

Our students have a goal based approach, where the pursue their passions with a purpose in mind. It’s not coding for the sake of coding!

Play and Test

We allow time for students to enjoy their creations and test them out. Only with constant stress-testing can they come up with new ideas to improve their work!


Have you ever imagined that your kids as young as they are can be innovators? That they can build products that can solve problems?

Ubunifu Kids is a software development school for kids that was created to change the way kids approach coding. We take a project based approach towards learning which focuses on outcome. Kids will be taught the art of identifying a problem then looking at the best tool to use to solve the problem and come out with a solution which may have a possibility of being market viable.

We Make Learning to Code Fun. Our courses are designed to teach crucial coding skills to the next generation of innovators.

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A Changing Global Landscape

As the world progresses further into the 21st century, programming is becoming a critical layer of all our lives.

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Its like Learning a Second Language ...

Learning to code is like learning a language, and like learning a second language it is best done young.

6:1 Student to Teacher ratio

9 Current Virtual classes

Students from 3 different Countries

2 Hours a day class session